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Global BASC acts as an integrator of the many government and private industry security programs operating throughout the world. We provide our members with the tools and information they need to work with other members across all global security programs and maximize the benefits of the secure supply chain. Global BASC members are recognized by Customs Authorities and Trade Associations as Trusted Partners.

    Get your BASC Index

    All members, including registered companies receive a BASC Index. Quickly becoming a standard measure for Customs Authorities across the globe, the BASC Index provides a measure of a company’s competence and willing collaboration towards the goal of securing international trade. In short, it is an measure of trust that can be used around the world.

    Play in our Sandbox

    Regular members (excluding Registered Companies) have free access to the unique Risk Assessment Sandbox. Features include:

    • Real time scoring of the Links Security Index (LSI)
    • Easy to use “Drag-and-Drop” feature
    • Scores extended supply chains, provider groups or individual links
    • Provides supplemental risk assessment tools for local customs authorities

      Connect With Trusted Partners

      This is much more than a simple directory.

      • Provides a Trusted Partner Exchange for the secure trade
      • Certified and pre-screened companies with unique BASC Index
      • Security profiles for each member
      • Integrates all major supply chain security programs worldwide
      • Print, email and save profiles
      • Access to profiles via Risk Assessment records
      • Customs access through Customs Connect risk assessment

      Not Certified? Not a Problem.

      There are well over 40,000 companies certified in one of the major supply chain security programs – and they all need screened and compliant service providers. 

      Global BASC gives your company an easy and inexpensive way to serve the secure supply chain and connect with certified companies around the world. Here’s how:

      • We provide the world’s only database of pre-screened service providers.
      • Screening records are available online to all regular members on request.
      • Employee training center helps to promote your secure workforce. 
      • Non-certified members receive a BASC Index to help your customers mitigate the risk in their supply chains
      • Only Global BASC has a Member Directory with complete security profile 

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