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Global BASC Services Portal

Global BASC services portal is designed around four key components:


  1. Access to World BASC Organization’s advocacy and participation in global trade venues.          
  2. Compliance tools to help all companies meet compliance requirements and obligations.         
  3. A global directory to connect certified and compliant companies for secure supply chains.     
  4. Connecting with global Customs Authorities to maximize the beneifits of the compliance.      


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Trust is important in networks where individuals exchange relevant information and resources in support of each other’s goals.

Membership in Global BASC is evidence of the willing participation in the goals of the secure supply chain. As such, membership alone establishes a measure of trust. But the measure of trust can be enhanced through actions.

Our portal includes tools and services that not only build competence but also build trust by means of active participation in establishing competence. A higher level of participation improves the member’s trust factor, which improves the member’s BASC Index. Trust factors include:

  • Inclusion in Members’ risk assessments
  • Business partner screening activity
  • Employee training recordsDirectory traffic and activity statistics
  • Peer review and peer usage
  • Contributions to the community forums
  • Attendance at seminars and workshop


Competence is the ability to perform as stated and to meet the expectations of your partners and your peers.

At Global BASC we express competence by means of the BASC Index. The Index is a practical measure of your company’s competence, defined as the ability to mitigate risks in the supply chain. The BASC Index measure of competence is comprised of many elements, including:

  • Certification status
  • Location
  • Business category
  • Services provided
  • Affiliations
  • Trader ID
  • Partner screening records
  • Employee training records


Collaboration is defined as working together to create something new in support of a shared vision. When companies or individuals collaborate, they share authorship and ownership of the outcome.

Global BASC actively collaborates with the international trade community, through membership in multiple trade organizations, including; the World Customs Organization and the International Chamber of Commerce.

These efforts center around the need for customs authorities to rely on private industry solutions to improve their ability to assess risk throughout the supply chain.

Collaboration is measured by several factors, including:

  • Real-time, meaningful risk assessments
  • Use of the Risk Assessment Sandbox
  • Customs filing through e-Clear
  • Use of the online business partner screening application

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