Risk Assessment Sandbox

All regular members have free access to the unique Risk Assessment Sandbox (patent pending). The Sandbox makes it extremely easy to provide a graphic representation of your entire supply chain. The risk assessment results can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Meeting basic compliance requirements
  • Providing a risk assessment of your services to your customers
  • Providing a supplemental risk assessment to customs

How it works

All regular members have free access to the unique Risk Assessment Sandbox (patent pending). Members can perform a risk assessment on an entire supply chain, the origin agents or their own specific services and business partners.

  • Links are added to the Sandbox based on function in the supply chain
  • Links can be added, removed and moved around in the Sandbox as required
  • Each time a link is added our algorithm is executed to calculate the risk at that particular function
  • The Sandbox factors in the mitigating effect of the BASC Index
  • A real-time Risk Index Score (RIS) calculated
  • Members can identify and review high risk elements in their supply chain
  • Members can choose the option to make any supply chain score visible to local customs through our Customs Direct Connect feature


For your company

  • Meet “Best Practices” for compliance requirements for Risk Assessments
  • Real time scoring of overall risks in any supply chain
  • Can be used for entire supply chain or local service “links”
  • Can be saved and retrieved for compliance audits
  • Can be saved and emailed to customers and partners
  • Can be included in customs Advanced Cargo and Importer Security Filings
  • Provides ability to review detailed security profile for each link in the supply chain

For your customers

  • Provide a graphic and scored risk assessment for your services
  • Save and email risk assessment to your customers
  • Help your customers meet best practices for their own risk assessement requirements
  • Provide supplemental risk assessment info to customs via CDC to ensure maximum benefits for your customers

For Customs Officials

  • Provides additional tool for risk assessment
  • Standardized index system for consistent scoring
  • Access files via unique code or other reference
  • View individual security profiles of parties involved
  • Include additional local partners not included in the original filing

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