Our Memberships

Member Fee: USD $850.00 per year
(BASC Certified companies: Free) 

There are three types of membeships in Global BASC. The member fee for non-BASC companies is USD $850 per year. All regular members share the same benefits and have access to the same tools and services. The difference between the member types is in how the BASC Index is calculated and how that index affects the results of the risk assessments conducted using our Risk Assessment Sandbox tool.

BASC Member

BASC certified companies are enrolled automatically in Global BASC at no charge.

There is no application process available for becoming a BASC Certified member. BASC member companies must complete the process of certificaton with the local BASC Chapter. When the BASC certificate is awarded, the company will automatically be enrolled in Global BASC. 

Certified Member

This member type is open to all companies with a certification in any government or private industry supply chain security program recognized by Global BASC.

Eligible programs: (Subject to change)

  • AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)
  • TSA – IACSSP (Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program)
  • TSA – CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facility)
  • Hong Kong RAR – (Regulated Agent Regime)
  • ISO 28000:2007
  • TAPA

Note: You will be required to provide proof of certification before your account is activated.


If you are interested in joining Global BASC and you are participating in a supply chain security program that is not on the above list, please contact us with program details.

Non-Certified Members 

This member type is open to all companies providing direct or indirect services related to the movement of goods through the supply chain, but are not yet certified in one of the recognized security programs. For example:

  • Forwarders
  • Customs brokers
  • Transportation brokers
  • Trading companies

As a Non-Certified member you will be required to complete the following procedures:

  1. Complete the online GPS form (Global Partner Screening form)
  2. Complete the required e-TAP module (Employee Threat Awareness Training)

As a Non-Certified Member, you will become a pre-screened business partner, greatly increasing your value to the secure supply chain.

Non-Certified members can also be classified as “Other” companies who provide support services to the supply chain but are not involved in the movement or handling of cargo or documents. For example:

  • Security services
  • Contractors,
  • Custodial and Cafeteria
  • Staffing and Employment
  • Legal & Consulting
  • Quality control
  • Equipment and supply

For more information, please contact

Registered Companies

Companies may register to become part of the Global BASC database free of charge. Registered companies are non-members and do not enjoy any of the benefits of regular members. Rather, registration is designed for the benefit of your customers and business partners.

Once registered, your company will be available to be linked to regular Global BASC members as a business partner for compliance requirements and as a link available in the Risk Assessment Sandbox.  

The following requirements must be met to complete registration:

  • Complete the online application for Registered Company
  • Must hold a certification in an approved supply chain security program
  • Must provide evidence of certification 

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