Member Fees

Member Fee: 

USD $750.00 per year

(BASC Certified companies: Free)

The member fee for all companies is USD $750 per year. Membership fee is for one company per country and entitles the member to all listed company services and benefits.

Additional Branch Offices:

USD $350 per year

(Certified Members only)
Branch offices of a regular Certified Member may be enrolled for an additional fee of USD$350 per location. The additional office must be included within the scope and authority of the original member’s certification.

Registered Companies:

Free of Charge

(Certified companies only)

Companies may register to become part of the Global BASC database – free of charge. Registered companies are non-members and do not enjoy any of the benefits of regular members.

Optional Services: 

Contact for pricing information

(Members only)
There are a few optional services that members can take advantage of which require an additional fee. Members may contact Global BASC Customer Service for more information. The fees will be based on the following factors:

  • Auditor’s fee based on the scope of the service
  • Travel expenses for the auditor
On-site validation review

This service will provide an on-site verification of the member’s responses to their online business partner screening form.

  • This is intended for Non-Certified members who wish add value to their company and increase their marketing potential.
  • On-site validations will be conducted by BASC approved auditors
  • Completion of the validation will improve the member’s BASC Index.
BASC Audit:

One of the key features that differentiates a BASC certified company is the requirement for a yearly audit. This service features and benefits include:

  • A complete BASC audit of facilities and procedures
  • Audit conducted by a BASC Certified Auditor
  • Will serve as a preparation for and meet audit requirements for BASC certification
  • Meets all AEO and other supply chain security standards for internal audits

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