Global BASC has partnered with VIlden Associates, Inc. to provide members with an efficient and cost effective means of filing Advanced Cargo Information (ACI) to customs authorities globally. Our Customs Connect service is based on Vilden’s e-CLEAR, a web based product that is accessble from anywhere in the world and requires no software or hardware purchase and no installation.

Filing packages can be designed to meet your specific needs and can be based on monthly or per transaction fees.

Partnering with Vilden provides our members with the following benefits:

  • Multinational experience with Customs Authorities
  • 30+ years experience with customs requirements for electronic filing
  • Intimate knowledge of expectations
  • Easy to use interface
  • Single source for all customs data, regardless of country
  • Established and trusted relationships with global customs


Customs Connect

  1. Member files ACI data to Customs.
  2. ACI data is sent through the Sandbox.
  3. Sandbox generates a Risk Assessment with scoring and reference information.
  4. Risk Assessment information is sent to Customs as Supplemental filing.
  5. Customs can log in to view Risk Assessment details, scores, BASC Index of partners in the supply chain.


Customs Direct Connect

One of the added advantages of using Customs Connect for your global filing needs is the ability to run your shipment and filing data through our exclusive Risk Assessment Sandox. This process will match your shipment data with our member data and generate a Risk Assessment that is scored and provides a supplemental index and a unique Sandbox code for your local customs authorities to use in their own risk assessment.

Through our parent company World BASC Organization, we enjoy the support of 17 customs administrations globally. We have signed MOU with multiple Customs authorities globally and provide these customs offices with a Customs Direct Connect user account to enable local targeting centers to access risk assessments and security profiles of our members. This allows Customs to supplement their own risk assessment of a supply chain with additional information available only through Global BASC. Supplemental information available to Customs  includes:

  • BASC Index of each link in the supply chain
  • Supply Chain Security Index 
  • Security profiles of participating companies (members only)
  • Participation in the Global BASC community (screening and training)

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