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Compliance is the very heart of secure trade. Security programs are meaningless if not continuously implemented and worked into the daily operations of your business.

For over 20 years the World BASC Organization has been providing leadership in the area of supply chain security. We not only understand the concept of compliance – we wrote the manuals. In fact, the BASC standards provided the original model for CTPAT and are now widely recognized by customs administrations around the world as an industry standard. 

At Global BASC we have taken on the challenge of integrating the core compliance requirements of the major government and private industry security programs active in today’s complicated trade environment and developed our Global Compliance Center. To be effective and truly meet the needs of the business community which we serve, we established the following objectives for our compliance center:

Compliance Center Objectives

  1. It must serve the business needs of the company and work within the daily operations of the business – not the other way around.
  2. It must encourage the participation of all parties and provide incentives for active compliance.
  3. It must be easy to use so that there is no hesitation at all for members to actively and continuously work to meet compliance requirements.
  4. It must provide standardized formats so that the results are meaningful and all partners are equally and fairly assessed.
  5. It must provide centralized records that are accessible anytime and anyplace.
  6. It must include an interface with local Customs Authorities to meet the obligations of the private sector in conducting risk assessments.

We have used our unique insight to identify 3 key areas of compliance requirements that are part of every major supply chain security program, around which we have built our compliance center.

Key-3 Compliance

  1. Business Partner Screening
  2. Employee Threat Awareness Training
  3. Supply Chain Risk Assessment

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