Business Partner Screening

The most basic, and perhaps the most important compliance requirement for all security programs is the process of screening business partners. Our Global Partner Screening (GPS) provides a convenient and easy to use solution for both parties involved: replacing the need for scanning and faxing and eliminating screening fatigue for the partner. Our GPS system includes the following features:

  • Standardized formats
  • Simple and clear questions meeting BASC and AEO requirements
  • Centralized record-keeping

How it works

All regular members have free access to the online Global Partner Screening tool (GPS). Using GPS, members can take advantage of features that meet Best Practices for screening and assessing business partners in the supply chain.

  • Members provide information on a business partner they want to screen
  • The GPS system sends an email to the partner with instructions and a link to the screening center
  • The partner completes the simple screening survey
  • Results are automatically summarized and compared to global results for the same screening type
  • Records are linked to the member who requested the screening
  • The service provider will appear in the RIsk Assessment Sandbox for that member
  • Participation in the GPS screening process indicates voluntary compliance and positively affects the member’s BASC Index

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