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Global BASC Member Benefits Overview


Global BASC is a unique organization with one focus – to facilitate secure trade.

We are NOT a forwarder or shipper association. Global BASC is an integrator of the many government and private industry supply chain security programs by offering 21st century applications towards risk assessment in the supply chain.

Our members enjoy the following added values:

  1. Practical, business-based solutions that simplify and facilitate compliance with your supply chain security program.
  2. Representation and advocacy through our parent company, BASC, for issues related secure trade.
  3. Neutral platform – we are not administrators or representatives of any established AEO or other supply chain security program.
  4. Standardized solutions for the three main requirements of all recognized security programs: screening, training and risk assessments.
  5. Centralized database of screening, training and risk assessment records along with company security profiles.
  6. The only directory in the world comprised exclusively of certified and compliant companies.
  7. Active interaction with customs administrations globally.


We are working closely with customs administrations globally to provide input and to provide solutions under our obligation as a private industry certifying body. 


Benefit from the representation by BASC in multiple customs and trade events globally. Members will receive the latest information on trends and developments in the area of secure trade.


Our parent company is World BASC Organization, organized as a 501(c) (3) non-profit company. A full 85% of all revenue generated by Global BASC is distributed back to our parent, WBO, for use in developing compliance, training and advocacy services throughout the world. The balance is used to provide inexpensive compliance services for our members and for the continual development of leading edge products and services.

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