BASC Index

All members receive a BASC Index when their aaccount becomes active. The BASC Index is a measure of your company’s ability to mitigate risks found throughout the supply chain. It is based on multiple factors, including:

  • Member type
  • Certification status
  • Participation in the Global BASC community

The BASC Index may be used by any customs administration as a supplemental factor in a shipment risk assessment.

Risk Assessment Sandbox

All regular members have free access to the unique Risk Assessment Sandbox (patent pending). The Sandbox makes it extremely easy to provide a graphic representation of your entire supply chain. The risk assessment results can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Meeting basic compliance requirements
  • Providing a risk assessment of your services to your customers
  • Providing a supplemental risk assessment to customs

Business Partner Screening

The most basic, and perhaps the most important compliance requirement for all security programs is the process of screening business partners. All regular members receive free access to our Global Partner Screening (GPS) tool. GPS offers an easy and convenient solution for both parties involved, replacing the need for scanning and faxing and eliminating screening fatigue for the partner. Our GPS system includes the following features:

  • Standardized formats
  • Simple and clear questions meeting BASC and AEO requirements
  • Centralized record-keeping

Employee Training

An aware and active work force is also fundamental to the development of a secure supply chain. Our online employee threat awareness program, e-TAP, is free to all regular members and offers an easy and convenient way to meet compliance requirements for employee training. e-TAP includes the following features: 

  • Standardized formats
  • Immediate training
  • Centralized record-keeping & employee training logs

Member Directory

Only Global BASC connects certified and pre-screened companies across all AEO, other government and private industry security programs. All regular members are listed in the directory which promotes their secure services to the global market. Directory features include:

  • Member control of public access to member information
  • Member security profile and security qualifications
  • Advanced search

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