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Administration and Maintenance Savings

The Journal of Commerce previously reported on a study conducted by US Customs, regarding the costs and benefits related to CTPAT and other AEO supply chain security programs.

The study found that developing and maintaining a supply chain security program can be very costly, accounting for up to $17,100.

  1. Salaries and expenses of personnel hired or contracted specifically to implement and manage a compliance program averaged $12,000.
  2. The cost of implementing and maintaining a security program averages around $5,100.

Estimated savings using Global BASC online compliance programs

Using the Global BASC compliance tools, the costs to administer and maintain your supply chain security program drops dramatically. We conducted our own study regarding the use of the our online compliance tools and found the following associated costs. The example below is for a smaller company. Larger companies with a many employees and multiple business partners will find even greater savings.

Employee Training

Employee training cost consist of preparation, presentation, testing, the development of employee training logs and the maintenance of records. Beyond that is the cost of removing employees and even entire departments from the operations, to attend training sessions.

Business Partner Screening

Business Partner screening costs consist of developing and preparing the security questionnaire, distributing the questionnaires by fax / email, monitoring responses, reviewing and quantifying the responses and maintainging records.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment costs consist of preparing the risk assessment format, reviewing documents and contracts to identify key partners, developing and completing the cargo map for multiple supply chains, scoring the supply chain risk profile and maintaining records. 

  • Cost Savings Using Global BASC Compliance Tools 88% 88%


  1. Above figures based on a Global BASC internal study of administrative time required per task using Global BASC suite of compliance tools.
  2. Estimated costs savings compared to the average cost of $5,100 for administration and maintenance cited in the study referenced above.
  3. Cost of administrative time based on supervisory level salary and of $75,000 per year, plus benefits.
  4. Includes the cost of Tier 1 membership of $450 per year and the use of applied credits of $50.

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