About Global BASC


Who We Are

Global BASC is a subsidiary of the World BASC Organization, a Non-Profit company organized in the state of Florida.

Our Mission:  To develop a global community of trusted partners, collaborating to facilitate secure trade and secure supply chains.

Our Goal: To integrate supply chain security standards from all global government and private sector programs.

Our Objectives:

  • To become the go-to portal for the global supply chain
  • To develop the BASC Index into a risk assessment tool globally accepted by customs

Where We Live

There is a certain area where the objectives and the requirements of all private and government security programs overlap.

It is where business needs meet up with compliance requirements. A space where competence meets collaboration.

This is where we live….

What We Do

Simply put, Global BASC is designed to help the business community maximize the benefits of supply chain security for all parties: certified companies, their business partners and local customs authorities. We have designed practical 21st century solutions to ensure that the process of supply chain security promotes trade facilitation – not hinder it.

Compliance Integrator

Global BASC acts as an integrator of the many government and private industry security programs operating throughout the world. We provide our members with the tools and information they need to work across all global security programs and maximize the benefits of the secure supply chain.

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