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Global BASC is a totally new concept in the world of Supply Chain Security.  Designed for business, we provide simple and effective solutions for meeting the common compliance requirements of all major supply chain security programs.

Our Members

Our membership represents the entire supply chain. From the manufacturer who supplies the products to the security firms who guard it. We represent the multinational logistics providers and the independent truckers. Our diverse alliance of members all share one goal – to develop a trusted source of service providers dedicated to facilitating secure trade.

Member Types

BASC Members

BASC membership is open to all companies that are certified by WBO (World BASC Organization). BASC certified companies automatically receive membership in Global BASC free of charge.

AEO & Certified Members

This membership is open to any company that is certified in an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program or other government or private industry security program, recognized by Global BASC.

Non-Certified Members

This member type is open to all companies who are not ready or not eligible for certification but provide support services to the secure supply chain. Non-certified members are pre-screened.

Registered Companies

Any certified company may register free of charge. Registered companies do not receive member benefits. However, registering helps members accurately assess risk in the the supply chain.

Member Benefits

Global BASC members enjoy a wide range of services and benefits specifically designed to help the business community maximize the benefits of supply chain security programs and minimize the work.


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What is your BASC Index?

Our BASC Trust Index is a leading edge concept never before offered. The index provides a global standard of a company’s ability to mitigate risk in the supply chain. Simply put, it provides a standardized measure of trust that your company can provide safe and secure supply chain services. All members receive a BASC Index based on their certification status, participation in online screening and training and other factors. The BASC index is quickly becoming an industry standard for supply chain security compliance and is part of the information available in our Customs Direct Connect service.

What is the risk in your Supply Chain?

Our online Risk Assessment Sandbox allows you to quickly and easily develop detailed risk assessments on your entire supply chain or an individual link. Risk Assessments are scored using a proprietary algorithim to calculate multiple risk factors for each link in the supply chain. The Risk Assessment Sandbox is a powerful tool for identifying risk and is part of the information available in our Customs Direct Connect Service.



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